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​In my school years, I read Big Red and ​ever since then I ​have been hooked on Irish ​setters. ​At the age of 16, I bought my first two show quality setters from a breeder in Connecticut.

After some ​growing pains, I ​found Barb Lockwood from Motley Acres, ​from whom I purchased Lee's Red Texas Gold Rush, a beautiful male puppy that has ​thrown some excellent puppies. ​Since then I have bought more ​​championship​ puppies from Barb and ​other breeders in several countries. ​Our breeding stock consists of seven females and two males.

​Over the years I've sold puppies ​to customers all over the United States. Most of them go as companions to loving homes, but once in a while someone will want to show or hunt with them.

People wonder why I charge what I do for my puppies. ​The price may seem expensive, but we are very concerned about quality. Health guarantees, champion bloodlines, and hip x-rays ​are all very expensive.

At one time Irish Setters here in the states were ​seriously inbred. My mission is to help bring more good bloodlines into the USA to reduce the chances of this happening again. Because I would like to expand my business, I may ​eventually start raising ​other breeds, but for ​now I'll keep ​raising the happiest and healthiest Irish Setter puppies I can.

—Ivan Stoltzfus, owner

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